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Advantages of Nikel® cosmetics

NiKEL® – cosmetics with a signature. A Nikel cosmetic is based on pharmaceutical prescriptions and natural active components whose effectiveness has been proven and dermatologically tested. It is a combination of traditional knowledge and the latest innovations. All product substances and finished products are of verified quality and certified by authorized institutions.

NiKEL® – personalised cosmetics. Nikel products are characterized by a personalized approach to the client as an individual and to client’s skin needs and problems.

NiKEL® – philosophy: “internal” and “external” effect. Synergy of pharmacy and cosmetology. Pharmacy and cosmetology are connected and interwoven. All that has an “internal” effect when consumed has the same “external” effect when applied to the skin. A plant that has a certain effect on the organism has the same effect on the skin. For example, passion flower has a soothing effect when we drink it and it has the same effect when we apply it to sensitive skin as a cream.

NiKEL® – care as part of an overall health.  The skin is a semi-permeable membrane. Anything we apply on it, provided its molecules are small enough, will be absorbed through the skin and it might even enter our blood stream. Therefore, a return to nature and “healthy cosmetics” is essential for the protection of our health and our skin’s beauty. Nikel offers natural cosmetics of pharmaceutical quality, clean and free of harmful ingredients, which not only nurtures the skin, but also helps reduce skin problems.

NiKEL® – inspired by nature – achieved through science. The Croatian Mediterranean and its abundance of herbs, whose healing properties have been described in many books over the centuries, has been revived in Nikel products. In addition to indigenes herbs found in our cosmetic anti-aging hits such as the natural Evening Primrose Oil and natural Anti-Wrinkle Elixir with 12 herbs from the Croatian Mediterranean, the Nikel line also uses innovative active components from renowned international research laboratories that possess superior technology in the service of natural substances.

NiKEL® – the most awarded Croatian cosmetics. Nikel cosmetics received numerous awards and acknowledgements as well as over 30 gold medals for innovative natural products, in United Kingdom, Russia, Asia, USA and Europe.

The Nikel brand has been included among the leading Croatian brands thanks to votes from more than 23,000 satisfied consumers.

NiKEL® – an ecological product. Nikel cosmetics is the winner of the gold medal and certificate from INTERNATIONAL ECOLOGY FUND.

NiKEL® – innovative products and an innovative approach to skin care. In addition to innovative products, Nikel created an innovative approach to skin care, for which it received a gold medal in 2012 at INPEX the largest world innovation exhibition in USA.

Nikel products are characterized by a personalized approach to the client as an individual and to client’s skin needs and problems.

NiKEL® – cosmetics with an identity. Traditional pharmaceutical knowledge and a strict selection of natural ingredients brought about efficient ecological products for genuine pleasure and beauty of the face and body, products with an identity – Nikel. The design reflects the concept of the line, where emphasis is given to the pharmaceutical aspect. The Nikel trade mark and all parts of the design are copy protected.

NiKEL® – a line that continually perfects and upgrades.  HEALTH, BEAUTY, KNOWLEDGE, RESEARCH, CREATION, INNOVATION, OPTIMISM, IDENTITY. Through research, we continually improve and upgrade our knowledge so we can create, with lots of optimism and love, innovative, natural and efficient products for beautiful skin and body.

NiKEL® – controlled products. The production of innovative natural Nikel cosmetics is carried out in an ecological and green environment that was granted quality certificates in accordance with ISO standard 9001. The contents of every product are carefully selected, with every substance of the Nikel line undergoing analytical control and possessing its own certificate. To confirm quality, Nikel products are constantly subjected to control by authorized institutions. Neither ingredients, nor finished products are tested on animals.


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