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Nikel Cosmetics – the company

The company “Priroda liječi” (“Nature cures”), producer of Nikel cosmetics range, was established in 1995. in the very heart of Zagreb, Croatia.

In 2004, Master of Pharmacy Ms Mirjana Brlečić, director and owner of the company “Priroda liječi” (“Nature cures”), initiated the production of a natural cosmetics line – Nikel.

How was the Nikel line created?
Pharmacy is my vocation and profession, and my special interest is cosmetology. I started experimenting with cosmetics during my student days. Taking the COSMETOLOGY course in my fourth year at the University of Zagreb Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry opened my eyes to new perceptions and knowledge in the area of cosmetic preparations as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

After many years of researching and practicing pharmacy, phytopharmacy and cosmetology, based on the experience of working in my own pharmacies and having insight into other cosmetic products, as well as the problems my clients were having due to recurring allergic reactions to multiple ingredients of preparations for skin and body care, my wish was to create natural cosmetics free of preservatives and unnecessary additives, artificial colors and fragrances – HEALTHY cosmetics with natural active ingredients and cosmetics that would be available to all people. Designed not just to nurture the skin but also to help eliminate skin problems. That is how a pharmacist created the Nikel® line. The line consists of 63 products, many of which are classified as cosmeceutical products approved by the Croatian Ministry of Health and Social Welfare of the Republic of Croatia. This shows that it is not just a question of skin care but also of catering to the special needs of the skin regardless of the problem: cellulite, excessive accumulation of subcutaneous fat, seborrhea, pimples, sensitive or damaged skin, allergies, dilated capillaries etc.

Nikel products are a combination of traditional knowledge and the latest innovations, such as time release ingredients (Nikel Cream with tea-tree), nanomolecules that enable the active component to enter into the deepest layers of the epidermis (Nikel Sensivital Cream for Capillary Strengthening), probiotics used for regeneration and soothing of very damaged skin (Nikel Acidosalus Cream) and the latest addition – Alpine rose plant stem cells for skin rejuvenation.


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Nikel cosmetics is distributed in South Africa by:
Visek (Pty) Ltd

The Business Centre, Design Quarter Fourways off Leslie Avenue / corner William Nicol Drive Fourways, 2128, Johannesburg

The Business Centre, 1 Bridgeway Road, Century City, 7441, Cape Town

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