Nikel Lip Balm with Orange and Immortelle


Nikelbalm is a multi-purpose lip balm that can be used on any dry area of your skin. It contains rich Vanilla, Orange and Immortelle oils and has a delicate citrus scent.

SKIN TYPE: This lip balm is suitable for any dry, dehydrated and sensitive areas on the skin.

HOW TO APPLY: Apply the Nikelbalm to dry cracked lips to keep them hydrated and protected.

DID YOU KNOW? Unsure of what Immortelle does? It has anti-bacterial properties, reduces redness, soothes sensitive skin and is an antioxidant, which helps repair free radical damage.

TOP TIP: Keep the conveniently sized Nikelbalm in your handbag at all times, especially when traveling. It can be used on any areas that are susceptible to dryness, namely lips, cuticles, elbows, hands and the nose area.


  • Vanilla / Vanilla plantifolia Fruit oil
  • Sweet orange / Citrus Aurantium Dulcis oil
  • Immortelle / Helichrysum Italicum Flower oil
  • Castor oil / Ricinus Communis oil


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